Frequently Asked Questions

Boarding FAQ

What is included with the boarding fee?

  • The dogs are taken out for potty breaks 5 times a day
  • Beds, food and water dishes are provided
  • We will provide food at no additional charge if you prefer not to bring food

What can we bring?

  • Although we do provide beds you can bring his/her bed or blanket to make them feel more at home
  • Toys and treats are welcome

What if my dog is on medication?

We do administer oral and topical medications at no charge. (We will not be able to accommodate if your dog requires an injectable medication) Please write out the medication instructions to help us ensure proper administration

Will my dog be able to play in daycare while he/ she is boarding?

If your dog has completed  a daycare evaluation and remains eligible for our daycare program then they can play in daycare during their stay

Grooming FAQ

How often should I have my dog groomed?

4 to 6 weeks is the average span of time between grooms.

However there are many different breeds and coat types which may require more or less attention from a professional groomer.

How long will my dog have to stay for his/her appointment

We complete grooms by appointment time so they would only need to stay for the duration of the groom estimated time is an hour or two depending on the coat type, condition and the cooperation of the dog. We strive to make the grooming experience as comfortable as possible for our canine clients. Sometimes this means taking a little extra time.

Can my dog stay longer if I have to work or run errands?

Absolutely! We are also a boarding facility, so we can assure they are comfortable and taken care of before and after their grooming appointment.