Classes currently offered at the Dog House of Lafayette:  Puppy, Behavior Modification, Agility and Tracking

Puppy: This class will be for puppies 16 weeks and younger. The course is 4 weeks long. It will consist of socializing the puppy to people and other dogs. We will use classical conditioning to help the puppies know that objects, sounds, grooming tools, Vets, etc. are not scary. This class is designed to help your puppy understand his/ her new world. It will be fun and exciting for you and your new companion.

Behavior Modification:   This class will be for dogs with behavioral issues other than aggression or fear. In the past we have had loose leash walking, getting the perfect recall, jumping, and many others. If you have an issue you want to work on with the help of our trainer this class is for you.

trainingAgility: This class will introduce you to the sport of Agility in a positive way. The foundations consist of getting to know each of the equipment for you and your dog. We will introduce your dog to the various noises and objects. This step by step method is proven to be the most effective way to insure that your dog doesn’t become afraid of the equipment. It is fun, it’s fast paced, and your dog will love it.

Tracking: This class will introduce you to the sport of Tracking. Learn the foundations of tracking. We cover the report behavior, keeping the nose down, all surfaces, and help prepare you for various tracking titles. All dogs can track and this is an easy way to exercise your dog.


Gabrielle Plascak is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) with a passion for animals and people alike. Through positive reinforcement Gabrielle will help you and your dog achieve your goals and strengthen your bond in a fun & creative environment. Training gets modified for your needs by considering every point of view within each individual scenario.
Gabrielle offers training through both group and private sessions to best meet your needs. Get the behaviors you desire from your best friend through mutual respect and understanding with Gabrielle.

BIO: Gabrielle grew up training and showing dogs in local shows and 4-H fairs. She came from a background full of animals & even had her own pet sitting business at a very young age. The following years she excelled going forward with a career in customer service where she fell in love with providing help to those in need. She soon began to realize that she needed to join her first love of dogs with her new love of helping and decided to pursue the life of a dog trainer.
Through an apprenticeship with David Thatcher (Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner) She learned how to combine her two passions and better her skills with both. Gabrielle has been certified as a professional dog trainer through the Council of Professional Dog Trainers and continues to volunteers with animal shelters and rescues after her previous job with the Humane Society of Indianapolis. Her job at Indy Humane required training their dogs who needed behavior modification to better become adoptable. After many successful adoptions Gabrielle then continued working as an evaluator with Indy Humane by temperament testing dogs and correctly placing them in appropriate homes. Gabrielle now has turned her focus to her training business, Through Their Eyes, and her new found focus on positive gun dog training.