Doggie Daycare is very similar to daycare for children. Our clients drop off their energetic canines in the morning and will pick up their tired pooches when returning from work or daily activities.


• Daycare full day ( over 5 hours) $22
• Daycare ½ day (5 hours or less) $15
• Daycare with boarding  $12 (If your dog is already staying with us in the hotel)



  • Vaccinations must be current
    • Rabies – bordetella – DHLPP
  • All dogs older must be spayed or neutered
  • Must Play well with others
    • Dogs must already be socialized with other dogs. Not all dogs enjoy or know how to play in large groups. We want the experience to be fun and safe for all.
  • An evaluation date must be set to be able to participate in future daycare days
    • This is for us to ensure that your dog will be comfortable playing at our daycare. The same charges apply for the evaluation day as a regular daycare day.
  • To keep your dog eligible for daycare, we ask that they participate at least one day a month. If your dog has not played in a group for more than a month he/she may be required to complete another evaluation day before joining our play group without a prior appointment.